N.E.A.T Challenge

The 8 week N.E.A.T challenge is a program we run three times per year at CSP – January, May & September – with the most sought after nutrition coach in the country, coach Aidan Mackey, with the goals of both short term rapid body composition change as well as ingraining lifestyle habits that ensure success after the challenge is over.


What does N.E.A.T stand for?


Taken care of with 1-1 checkins, specific calorie targets (if required), weekly Lives and Q&As all with the man himself


Taken care of with both in gym training at CSP in any of our classes as well as at-home options for extra points


Taken care of via a daily updated online leaderboard - scored solely on adherence to the habits set forth in the program


Taken care of via our training, habit & nutrition apps as well as Inbody scans at Week 1, 4 & 8 - PLUS before & after photos (optional)

With a maximum of 20 clients per intake

The N.E.A.T challenge ensures plenty of one to one nutrition coaching and guarantees incredible results. For more info or to register for our next challenge simply click the link below...
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